What is Peer-to-Peer Learning?

We in enkel see everyone as a teacher and a student. We all have skills and knowledge to teach, and we all have needs for professional or personal development. Peer-to-peer learning matches these skills and needs. Wikipedia explains further: "Peer-to-peer learning is learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything. Whether it takes place in a formal or informal learning context, peer learning manifests aspects of self-organization that are mostly absent from pedagogical models of teaching and learning." Peer-to-peer learning doesn't have to be skills or knowledge. Most of these are increasingly posted online for free. In the future, understanding, sense-making and even wisdom will be more relevant value exchanges in peer-to-peer interactions.

Why Teach?

  • Retain and spread skills locally
  • Meet new people who share your passion
  • Reach a new audience to build your brand or your community
  • Make an income or earn free classes
Teaching is an excellent way to really understand a subject or master a skill. We believe that everyone has something to teach.

How does it work?

Our Terms & Conditions for teachers can be found here.
  • If you haven't taught before we recommend that you enrol in one of our "teach the teacher" courses.
  • Fill out the form to the right.
  • We will either accept your course or suggest amendments and ask for a little additional information about the course to go on our website.
  • Once your course is added to the enkel platform we will start to accept enrolments. We will look after the payments, receipts and financial administration. You set the price and let us know how you would like to get paid.
  • See who is coming to your class, share resources and connect on our internal noticeboard. You are responsible to answer course related student questions before, during and after the course via this platform.

How will enkel help?

enkel will host your event on our website, enable course communications between learners and teachers on our internal communication platform and promote your event widely on social media and through our networks. We can assist you with class structure and facilitation skills in our 'teach the teacher' class and will manage payments, receipts and financial administration.


enkel adds a booking fee on top of your course fee. This depends on what type of course it is, whether you have your own space and the length, cost and nature of the course. In most cases this will be $10 plus 10% of the course fee (for example you run a series for which you charge $200 - the advertised course fee will be $230). There are exceptions- for example for free or low cost events. If you would like to discuss what to charge for your class and how much we will add to your course please feel free to contact us an learning@enkel.co. You could also attend a 'teach the teacher' class.


enkel will provide spaces for courses later in 2015. In the meantime, courses are run from various venues across Perth and Fremantle. You can suggest the venue or ask for our support in locating a venue.

What can I teach?

The scope is very wide. enkel is a collective of people with various backgrounds with one common denominator: We love to explore new ways of doing things. Our collective explores new pathways, methods and ideas across four different "elements": making, working, learning and living. Making is the ideation, design and production of everything. We aim to make stuff, which works, looks good and is good for the planet and its people; everything from ceramics to robotics. Working explores new ways of innovating, collaborating and facilitating ideas to become reality. We work to incubate, accelerate and guide ideas to become something valuable. In doing this we aim for personal, organisational and societal development. Workshops in ideation, futures thinking or digital strategy are examples of this element. Living deals with food, drink, housing, energy and transport. Most of our current practices and systems in these areas are unsustainable in WA today. We look for ways to build new systems for resilient and thriving communities. Permaculture, DIY energy production and new building methods are some examples of courses here. Learning transcends and includes the other three elements.

Blended Learning

The skills we need today are difficult to find in traditional institutions such as schools, universities or corporate learning programs. Many of the best courses or programs, which facilitate development of our skills and our selves are found online. But doing an online course can be difficult due to the lack of peers (who can help us make sense of new knowledge), face-to-face interaction and proper checks for accountability. It's easy to procrastinate and stop an online program. Therefore we experiment with blended learning methods. Students blend and mix on and off-line learning. We follow one or a few online courses, but we also get together regularly to help each other and hold each other accountable for the learning. If you find an online course you'd like to follow and can host a local study group for this, please suggest it to us via email: learning@enkel.co

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