enkel collective

    Western Australia

  • We believe that we need new approaches and more people to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.


    We ask questions of our current world based on the challenges we see all around us and explore the new solutions that are being developed locally and globally.


    We are not affiliated with any political party or religion and base our work on our values courage, community, conscience and creativity. We are respectful of differing views and opinions of what the future should look like and how we go about creating it.


    Our vision for Western Australia is a place of ideas, where people are empowered to create better futures.


  • What do we do?

    Enkel currently has two key activities: Running The Naval Store in Fremantle, and auspicing and supporting individuals and organisations involved in changemaking activities.

  • Contact Us

    Use the form here if you'd like more info, like to get involved as an enkel supporter or member!

    enkel collective co-op ltd
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