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Why enkel?


At enkel we believe that all innovation should be about creating long-term value that goes beyond the bottom line and brings about positive change for individuals, organisations and the community that we live in. The work we do through our innovation services supports the enkel social impact projects.

We want to work with you so that through you and your organisation can we create a better place to be. We seek your help so that together we can build a truly innovative and collaborative community which adds value to your organisation and inspires your people.

We seek to help you realise the true value your organisation delivers so that you are positioned to deliver business results and also create lasting and positive impact.

By letting us help you add value to your organisation we will give you the opportunity to help others in the enkel community make positive change in the world through the cool and exciting social impact projects that enkel works on.  


We accompany our clients on their personal innovation journey so that we can co-create value. We believe that it is the organisation and its people who have the wisdom. The way to unlock this wisdom is to engage the Head (cognition), the Heart (feeling) and the Hands (action) and we embed this philosophy in our processes and ways of working

We will design and shape an innovation package based on what the people in the organisation think, feel and want to do. We curate customised content in our package of services that is innovative, daring and challenges thinking and behaviours.

We use the uncommon blend of expertise and special knowledge within the enkel collective like futurists, engineers, designers, artists, actors, digital technologists, food curators, scientists, psychologists and economists.

We promise to provide you with continuous learning experiences long after our paid work is done. Our legacy is to create a ripple effect – the ability to make creativity and innovation flow in others so that they can in turn go on to become positive change makers themselves and continue moving the ripple outwards. This is the true purpose of meaningful innovation. This is enkel.  


Our philosophy is that it is OK to try and fail. We offer you a chance to do an experimental project with us at no charge, before you decide if enkel innovation is what you want.

Based on the lean start up methodology, we will co-develop a body of work that will give you an opportunity to test our services and our ideas to see if it fits with what your organisation needs.

If our unique offering appeals to you we can start work on crafting and curating an amazing bundle of innovation learning and capability for your organisation to fit your need and budget.  


enkel is pleased to present a suite of exciting and innovative series of workshops, un-presentations and challenge sessions to help your organisation get started on its innovation journey. We can also tailor a suite of special services for your specific needs.  


What does innovation mean? Why do innovation at all? Who can or should be innovative?

If you are curious about the answers to these questions then a session on understanding the basics of innovation will help you grasp the concepts, discover what it means to be creative and explore the ideation process.

With a slowing economy and growing realisation across Australia of the importance of realising value from ideas and creativity, and their role in sparking economic growth and positive social outcomes, the time is now to learn about, and invest in, innovation.  


Spend some time with a futurist who will take you on a journey of understanding current and emerging trends, with a view to the future. He will set the scene and re-frame your worldview so that you begin to think and act differently. Your people will start to understand how they fit into the larger spectrum of things, including the organisation they work in and what value they possess and create.

The focus will be to create a movement from a ME to a WE in your organisation, or a transition from reductionist to holistic thinking aptitudes. Explore, question and, if necessary, (re)define organisational purpose and the values that drive your culture. Identify the real problem sources through sense-making within your organisation and those that your orgainsation exists to provide solutions to.


We can help you grow a culture of innovation by showing you how to draw ideas out from your people and engage them in the art of innovating.

We can give you insights into the importance and process of collaboration and setting up the infrastructure required to generate and support an ideas boom within your organisation.

We will pass on all that we know about fostering innovative cultures so that you can nurture and grow that culture yourselves.  


Get insights into your innovation eco-system and understand the impetus to prepare for a new future. We help you map what your innovation eco-system will look like. We facilitate building an open innovation system with your partners and stakeholders. We help you innovate your supply and value chains using circular economy principles to help your organisation prosper.


Inspiration and empowerment are the outcomes we aim for when helping you plan and manage a program of activities to excite and energise your people, and show them what innovation makes possible. Working with you we will help you organise an exciting, stimulating and thought provoking program of events for an Innovation Day, Week, Month or to transform your organisational culture permanently.


Contact us here for more information or to schedule a coffee summit so we can discuss your specific needs.

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Elaine Olsen - Innovation Director

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Peter Van Schie, Digital Strategy, Learning and Development

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Jordan Ivatts, Living Labs, Ideation and Collaboration

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Levi Fordham, Organisational Innovation

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Brendon McAtee, Ideation and Collaboration

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