enkel is a project based organisation, and members are encouraged to work on one or several projects. Each of them has an action team, with one or two leaders. The action teams meet regularly to report back on actions taken. It is important that each enkel member works on projects, which fit with their individual goals and help them accelerate their learning. Check out the projects below and join us if you want to get involved!

Dream Lab

1 The Dream Lab is experimenting with ways in which we can discover the dreams that are within us, through story-telling and creative intuition. The lab uses art, media and narrative to define and develop these dreams into a concrete and compelling vision for the future. The dream lab is currently open and need volunteers to run smoothly.

Innovation Services

adam The enkel Innovation Services team helps and inspires staff in organisations to realise their true potential so that they can create brighter futures for themselves, their organisation, and all of those people who have a stake in their future, be they other employees, customers, suppliers, partners or the surrounding local community. The innovation services action team needs needs design thinkers, systems thinkers and experienced innovation consultants.

enkel Naval Store

11619724 The enkel Naval Store will be a dynamic coworking space, Fab Lab, community hub and social innovation centre. Purpose built and designed to attract, support and mentor local entrepreneurs, digital creatives, developers, artisans, consultants and storytellers alike. Through the enkel Naval Store, innovators and entrepreneurs will share insights and skills and gain access to resources to develop ideas and projects. The centre will encourage the building of supportive networks that encourage and sustain enterprise in Western Australia. This is a massive project and we need many people to make this happen. Among others, those with skills in fundraising, project management, negotiation, design, placemaking, marketing and operations management.

Vic Park MiniLab

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.35.36 PM The Vic Park MiniLab is a 12-month activation project together with the Vic Park Collective and Town of Vic Park. A collaboration space and educational makerlab for ideas people, makers, changemakers and edge thinkers at 874 Albany Highway in East Vic Park. The lab is open for experimentation and we need hosts and people doing crazy stuff in our 300m2 backyard. Creative ideas, which have never been done in Perth before are prioritized.

Education Lab

Education Lab The Education Lab started as an enkel living lab in 2015. The lab is an open source, volunteer-led program orientated around running free not-for-profit Science and Maths learning clubs for students. Sessions are run for students to access academic help from Learning Mentors and to meet local scientists. Learning mentors are needed!

School for Changemakers

enkel red We're currently designing a curriculum and framework to establish a school for changemakers in Perth. This project is in an early stage, so if you want to be involved in an exciting venture from scratch, contact us now.

enkel Living Labs

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.20.25 PM enkel's Living Labs is a prototype into the 'living labs' concept. Our Living Labs are designed to be open-research projects, focused on collaboratively tackling challenges relevant to a community.

Food Lab

Food Lab The enkel Food Lab is exploring the idea of introducing scale-able, automated, local food production to WA. We are currently looking to hack current hydroponics systems in order to build a small, modular, automated hydroponics system for suburban homes. This project is currently on hold, so needs people (experts and beginners!) into food production, DIY building, open-source and tech.

Community Lab

Community Lab2 Community Lab is a group of people interested in developing a concept for using under-utilised assets in the community for the benefit of connecting and growing neighbourhoods.These assets can be after-hours use of schools, community halls, libraries etc. The Community lab is currently dormant, so need community builders and others interested in collaborative spaces to activate it again.