Vic Park MiniLab

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.24.15 PM The Vic Park MiniLab is a living lab, exploring the challenges of space activation and community development within disused and underused spaces. It is a venture into collaboration, cross-pollination of ideas, social innovation & the re-invigoration of public space. The main collaborators in this endeavour are enkel and the Vic Park Collective. Each has it's own unique approach to catalysing communities for positive change.
Location: Vic Park MiniLab, 874 Albany Highway, East Vic Park. Parking available in IGA carpark to the rear. Easily accessible from Albany Highway for bikes, bus, car or walking.

enkel Naval Store

ns2 We are also working with City of Fremantle on a long-term enkel home at the old Fremantle Naval Store: a dynamic learning and social innovation centre with coworking and makerspaces on site.
We expect to launch our first stage in this space mid-2017.