The enkel collective co-op

    • enkel was formed during a series of meetups under the name Makers & Changemakers Fremantle during 2014. The participants co-created the organisation, which was registered as a co-operative with the name ENKEL COLLECTIVE CO-OP with ABN 29473353107 in October 2014.

    • enkel is a not-for-profit community organisation, which cannot pay dividends or profits out to members.

    • enkel is a member-owned non‑distributing co‑operative without share capital, registered under the Co‑operatives Act 2009. From the act: "This type of co-operative, being one without shares and the prohibition on distribution of profits, is akin to either an incorporated association or company limited by guarantee in being a "not for profit" legal entity that can pursue community goals".

    • The current members who drive enkel are found here . On the board of directors are Adam Jorlen, Stephanie Yoong and Pete Van Schie.

    • The mission, vision and values of enkel are found here.

    • For more info about the structure of the co-operative, please contact us here or call Managing Director Adam Jorlen on 0422 488 971.