The enkel Store

THE enkel STORE WILL BE A DYNAMIC COWORKING SPACE, FABLAB, COMMUNITY HUB AND INNOVATION CENTRE. Purpose built and designed to attract, support and mentor local entrepreneurs, digital creatives, developers, artisans, consultants and storytellers alike: through enkel Store, innovators and entrepreneurs will share insights and skills and gain access to resources to develop ideas and projects. The centre will encourage the building of supportive networks that encourage and sustain enterprise in Western Australia.


enkel is in negotiations with the City of Fremantle to secure the Old Naval Store as the home for the enkel Innovation Centre. As a result, enkel are now looking to develop mutually beneficial corporate partnerships to assist with the fit out and creation of the enkel Innovation Centre. We are seeking to collaborate with like minded organisaitons who reflect our values, are focussed on the future of Western Australia and keen to become engaged with the enkel community.


The Naval Store was built in 1935 and has since then it has accommodated a range of organisations. The space and surrounding area has not been used for the last decade, but now City of Fremantle has decided to bring this area back to life. This activation is shared between enkel and City of Fremantle; enkel is responsible for the Naval Store fit-out and programme development, while City of Fremantle will upgrade the outside of the building, surrounding parkland and adjacent Cantonment Hill. The designs address parking, access and community engagement. An adventure playground will be constructed on the hill, which has fantastic view of the Swan River.
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The Cantonment Hill precinct, located opposite the old Fremantle traffic bridge, is the gateway to the port city. It is our belief that in coming years this area will be a vital connecting hub between Fremantle, East Fremantle and North Fremantle. Upgraded parking facilities will soon be constructed to the rear of the site and we plan to work together with Fremantle council to extend a public bike service and CAT bus route to service Cantonment Hill.