Four main values

The four main enkel values are Courage, Community, Creativity and Conscience. As outlined in our values map, these are subdivided into other values, which explain more in detail what these four mean.

Values Map


We hold ourselves accountable to ‘change with a conscience’. We care deeply about our planet and its people. We believe that making a difference in our world should be socially responsible and ecologically sustainable. For this reason, we only support ideas that have integrity. Ideas that work towards a deep, future-focused respect for our environment and the society we live in.


We love creativity. It’s the power to dream up new ideas and envision new possibilities. Our creativity is inspiring, thoughtful and fun! We believe that creating new ideas should lead to a growth that is genuinely life-giving. This means that it’s restorative and replenishing and not just an excuse to run the world dry. Our brand of innovation goes beyond the isolated approaches to service design that we see around us. We take things to the next level, crafting solutions that address the bigger picture.


We are committed to community. A rich appreciation for sharing is at our core. We seek to strengthen community in a way that is inclusive, connective and most definitely collaborative. While celebrating our individual differences, we know that together they are what make us truly resilient. It is because of this that we are building such a multi-disciplinary and interdependent network of people. One that is both engaging and accessible to all.


We recognise that courage is a crucial ingredient for stepping out and making positive, meaningful change. Our courage is curious, open-minded and experimental. It’s the bold and entrepreneurial spirit that moves us to uphold our values and take action on our dreams for a brighter future. We believe that courage should go beyond this and be cultivated into something tangible and lasting by empowering people with skills, support, and connected opportunity.