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    Our Approach

    At enkel we believe that all innovation should be about creating long-term value that goes beyond the bottom line and brings about positive change for individuals, organisations and the community that we live in. The work we do through our innovation services supports the enkel social impact projects.


    We want to work with you so that through you and your organisation can we create a better place to be. We seek your help so that together we can build a truly innovative and collaborative community which adds value to your organisation and inspires your people.


    We seek to help you realise the true value your organisation delivers so that you are positioned to deliver business results and also create lasting and positive impact.


    What can we do for you?

    We accompany our clients on their personal innovation journey so that we can co-create value. We believe that it is the organisation and its people who have the wisdom. The way to unlock this wisdom is to engage the Head (cognition), the Heart (feeling) and the Hands (action) and we embed this philosophy in our processes and ways of working


    We use the uncommon blend of expertise and special knowledge within the enkel collective like futurists, engineers, designers, artists, actors, digital technologists, food curators, scientists, psychologists and economists.


    We promise to provide you with continuous learning experiences long after our paid work is done. Our legacy is to create a ripple effect – the ability to make creativity and innovation flow in others, so that they can in turn go on to become positive changemakers themselves and continue moving the ripple outwards. This is the true purpose of meaningful innovation. This is enkel.


    Have a look at some of our services here, and contact us here for more information or to schedule a coffee summit so we can discuss your specific needs.

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