enkel collective

    creating a new generation of changemakers in Western Australia

  • We believe that we need new approaches and more people to address the problems of today and tomorrow.


    Our vision for Western Australia is a place of ideas, where people are empowered to create better futures.


    We work towards this vision by consulting to organisations, running social innovation spaces, organising courses, inspiring, connecting and supporting changemakers, and much more.


    All work is aligned with and reinforces our values Courage, Community, Conscience and Creativity.

  • What do we do?

    Work with Us

    We help organisations prepare for the future

    enkel members are available to offer an array of changemaking and innovation courses and programs, as well as presentations and customized consulting for your organisation.

    enkel Naval Store

    A space to prototype the future

    A meeting-point for changemakers from many sectors, backgrounds and disciplines to come together to explore and tackle the problems of today and tomorrow. Launching early 2019.

    enkel U

    School for changemakers

    Democratic learning environment where you take ownership of your own learning process. Based on entrepreneurship, creative problem-solving and work in real-world projects. Become the best possible version of yourself.


    New Economy Network Australia

    enkel is one of the WA reps of the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) which works to transform Australia’s economic system so that achieving ecological health and social justice are the foundational principles and primary objectives.

    Past Projects

    Creating a new generation of changemakers since 2014

    We have been involved in many projects and organised more than 100 events, workshops and conferences since we started enkel in 2014. Click here for more...

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  • Some of our Members

    enkel is a non-profit co-operative with members from all walks of life, who see opportunities in today’s challenges. We are open to new members, who want to work towards brighter futures for WA and our planet.



    Innovation Consultant

    Andy Thomson

    Systemic Designer, New Economy advisor



    Entrepreneurship, Creative Consultant, Improv Theatre

    Jacqui Swingler

    Innovation and Design Thinking

    James Que Zheng

    Engineer, Innovator

    Manna Stone

    Mindful Living Coach, Teacher



    Human Rights / International Lawyer

    Marc Griffiths

    Blockchain and Collaborations



    IT/media Integration, Permaculture, Internet of Things



    Futurist, Innovation Strategist

    Stephanie Yoong

    Human-Centred Designer, Scientist

    Hosam Achrafi

    Management Consultant, Automation Engineer

    Levi Fordham

    Management, Youth Leadership, Facilitation, Training



    Sustainability, Transition Advocate

    Timothy Burki

    Youth Empowerment, Personal Development Consultant



    Strategy, Innovation,
    Technology, Ecosystem Architect.


    Van Schie

    Project Manager, Digital Services

    Karoline Kolman

    Procurement, Smart Cities

    Karun Cowper

    Educator, Holistic Counsellor, New Economy Advocate

    Maggie White

    Social Business / NGO Program Development

    Johnny Doan

    Arts, Community, Impact

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