• Become an enkel member!


    enkel is a values-driven organisation.

    Pretty much everything we do is guided by our four values Courage, Conscience, Creativity and Community.


    enkel is co-created by its members.

    Projects, events and other activities run by enkel are not organised by the collective itself, but driven by individual members.


    We don't offer job opportunities.

    enkel members have found their own way in, and their own livelihood to support them to do the work they are passionate about.


    enkel is a co-operative.

    Our members own the organisation together, and each person have one vote in decisions that impact on the collective.


    We are open to all people who'd like to create a new generation of changemakers in Western Australia.

  • The Application Process

    The journey from application to membership.



    Visiting this page is your first step in becoming an enkel member. Have a look at the information below to get an idea about whether enkel is right for you.


    Hang around

    Meet the members. Join our closed Facebook group. This step is roughly three months so that you will get a feel for how everything works.


    Join the co-op

    We decide together with you whether enkel is a good fit. If yes, you sign the active member declaration and start paying the member fee.



    You are now a member and part-owner of enkel!

    Join co-op meetings and our decision making platforms to have a say in how enkel works. And most importantly; help create a new generation of changemakers.